With a motivated group of business owners comes an abundance of opportunities!

Networking Evening

This Networking Evening will provide the opportunity to meet new prospects and contacts to enable you to create relationships and promote and market your business. Attendees come from a diverse range of, business professionals and executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups to help you build your own business. As part of our community, members help generate new business relationships.



What to Expect at this Event?

Bring Lots of Business Cards (Blank cards provided to those who don’t have business cards). Networking! That is the key to this events. Sure you will find the speakers insightful and engaging, but it is important to come with an open mind to meet new people and make new connections. Build your network of friends/colleagues/advisors to help yourself as well as them. The all purpose of this evening is for Black Business owners to come together to help one another. So come meet new people, discover new things and share great stories and do business.




Who Should Attend?

The evening is open to all. The focus however is growth and development. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, have a job, are looking for a job, recently graduated university/college, still in university/college, looking for others to launch a new idea or just want to meet other professionals, this event is for you. We are expecting a diverse range of industry professionals. Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Artists, I.T Professionals, Accountants, Investors, Advertising/Marketing Professionals, Bloggers, Writers, ALL ARE WELCOME!